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Kyoto Nishijin-ori ear accessories (blue)

Kyoto Nishijin-ori ear accessories (blue)

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In Japan, the checkered pattern, which has the meaning of "prosperity," is expressed vertically and horizontally. In addition, it is made by weaving 7 colors of threads and is said to be a "poisoner". It can be used in both Japanese and Western styles.
Due to the custom made nature of this product, delivery will take approximately 30 days.

(Caution) If you have a metal allergy, please check the metal you are using.

Color : Red, Pink, Blue, Sky Blue, Beige

Fabric : 100% silk

Metal : Behind the button part - Brass

Charm : brass

Pearl : acrylic

Earrings : Titanium

Earrings : Brass (spring-type earrings that can be fine-tuned with screws)

Size : Button diameter about 15 mm

Overall length about 32 mm

Product Dimensions : W15 x H32 x D18 (mm)
Item Weight : 20g
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